Monday, May 31, 2010

The Tree Fort

This Memorial Weekend Matt's mom and dad, Barb and Paul came to visit and to build a tree fort. They arrived on Friday and Matt and Paul immediately started the planning process. They dug the post holes on Friday night so construction could start right away Saturday morning. Matt's friend Fernando stopped by and they worked at a quick pace and got a lot done. On Sunday Fernando was back to help and so was Bobby, another friend of Matt's. Matt, Paul and Barb finished everything up on Monday, they added another swing and put on the little extras like hanging bars and a captains wheel. Devon and Kitty were so excited! All that's left to do is the stain (I'm thinking Jayhawk blue and red) and to fill the sandbox and put the rubber mulch down. We'll work on that next weekend. The fort is certain to get tons of use and we're all so grateful to have it! Thank you to Grammy and Grampy for being so wonderful and giving us such a great weekend and a fantastic tree house.

The area at the beginning.

Got one of the towers up, working on the other.

Matt using the nail gun, made everything go faster. I really want one!

This tower is going to have the sand box underneath.

Fernando and Paul working on the swing set.

Kitty was not happy about getting her hands dirty.

Devon writing his name.

Taking a ride on the swing set.

Front side, faces the house. Devon says the slide is super fast.

My boys, having a quiet moment, probably talking about cars or worms.

Matt climbing up the ladder to get in.

Kiddo's enjoying the swings.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Piggytails and Pretty dresses!

There's finally enough hair for piggytails! It took me forever to do and the part isn't straight but she's cute enough to pull it off. Kitty loves wearing dresses, of course she finds no use for the bloomers that go with them. She loves spinning and feeling the material swish around her legs. This dress is a super cute hand-me-down from my friend Michelle's little girl. I think the dress and pigtails even out the fact she's usually playing with trains and cars.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


About 3 weeks ago we noticed a sweet little nest right in Devon's window. It was empty for a couple days and then 3 eggs showed up and a day later a forth was added. They were little and bright blue. I was worried they would never hatch cause Devon was obsessed with watching them, something the momma bird didn't like to stick around for. Well last night we checked right before bed and 2 of them had hatched. Tonight we have a third little one. One more egg to go. Took some pictures but the momma bird really mucked the window up during the nest construction. I didn't have much time to take them cause their mom kept flying past and hitting the side of the house.

As you can see they are pretty little, some feathers but man are their mouths big. All the better to eat worms with!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Operation Mud Pie!

Devon's school is raising money to plant some new flower beds and do some fun things around the school.

On Monday they made mud pies.

Dirty little bugger!

Then came the triathalon... first was the 20 lap bike race

next 10 laps running as fast as you can

Finally the fishies swam 2 laps in a little tub with the help of kids

He had a ton of fun and he did so well. The smile on his face while he was running made. my. life!

Kate has grown... at least her hair has!


and now!

Krystal's Wedding

Katie, dancing with the groomsmen. She clearly thought she belonged in the middle of a bunch of dudes, clapping and stomping their feet.

Devon and the beautiful bride. This was during the dollar dance, he stood in line like such a little man. Once he was done dancing with Krystal he got in line to dance with Shawn.

Katie and Austin, he knelt down to be closer to her height and she thought she should do the same.

Grandpa Steve and Grandma Sue with all the grandkids

Believe it or not, a family picture!