Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Katie's 3rd Birthday

Didn't start out so well, we went to the dr. last night and found out that she had a double ear infection so she had to get a big nasty shot in the leg. She was really restless in the over night, she woke my up crying at least 5 times and each time I'd go in there and all she'd say was "Happy Birthday Kitty" between sobs. Devon and I sang to her this morning and she cried the whole song. It was as though she was turning 30 and not 3! She took cupcakes along to daycare and was in a much better mood tonight.

a little bit happier once we got to Lori's house

Opening all her presents

Even Devon got goodies (thank goodness for Grandparents!)

She sure enjoyed opening the presents

Blew the candles out all by herself, little bit of spit never hurt anyone right?

Devon enjoyed the cake, Kate of course didn't want to get herself dirty

This little girl LOVES Tinkerbell!