Monday, January 25, 2010


Anyone that knows me is aware of my love for teaching Karma... I think it may have been Devon's second word. I think it's important for both the kids to understand that thier choices effect others and if they do something mean to someone else there is a pretty good chance it will come back to bite them in the bumper. Having said that, I'd like to revisit a bit of my Monday morning.

We're late (what else is new) Katie and I are about to head out the door and Dev decides he really needs me to put on his shoes before I go. As I'm kneeling in front of him I look up and I can see right up his nose and he has a huge bat in the cave. I let him know we need to blow his nose and he decides that's a terrible idea and it takes me 5 min to get him to stand still to get it taken care of.

As I'm walking away from him I run into the doorknob on the closet (I'm convinced those things stick out farther than they should, my next home will have pocket doors) from behind me Dev yells "And what's that called?" When I turn around to say "huh?", we make eye contact he yells out "KARMA" in the same sing-song way that I always say it to him.

If he'd just remember to change his unders daily I'd say my work here was done.

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