Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Poppy Has A Girlfriend (this post is subtitled the day I almost pushed a 5yr old girl down)

Okay, I consider myself an adult, most of the time. I worry about Poppy's future, I do. I've asked him in the past what kind of job he wants when he grows up and he's always said 'none, I'm going to live with you'. This has both scared the daylights out of me and gave me a smug satisfaction.
Well today I picked him up from pre-school and he ran up to me like always and held my hand. All of the sudden this little girl saunters up and announces to me that she is his girlfriend. So, in my most adult voice I ask the little hussy what her name is... she tells me and then states that when they grow up she's going to marry him. At this point I'm seeing stars so I ask her how they are going to live? She says he'll have a job and they'll have a house. Poppy just grins and looks uncomfortable at the both of us.
Oh, then she hugged him... WHILE I was holding his hand! Internal mantra 'I'm an adult, I'm an adult'
Once I get him in the car, I asked him what he wants to be when he grows up and without hesitation he says he wants to be 'a Matt'. I didn't know what that was so I asked him to explain. He says he he wants to be just like Daddy. So I say, 'you want to work with computers?' He says 'yeah, work with computers and give out treats.'
I think this girlfriend has her work cut out for her.

Had to add a picture of us, cause I'm the mommy and he's my baby.

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