Wednesday, June 8, 2011

First camping trip

Over Memorial Day weekend we decided to break out the camper we bought last fall. After a bunch of packing and a couple trips to the store we were off. Thankfully there is a great state park nearby with campsites with plug-ins! The camper was really easy to set up, Matt said that he thought it was actually easier for us to set up the camper than it was a tent. I've completely blocked camping in a tent out of my mind so I don't know! I would say from the time we backed in till the air conditioner was on was maybe 20 mins.

All set up

Didn't take Kitty long to get comfortable

Poppy hanging out

Looking at the beds on one side (the table is wear the red sheet is)...

The other side

I did make the beds, took me at least 15 mins. It took Kitty about 45 seconds to unmake them! She got to sleep on top of the table. I think she got the best bed in the place cause it was windy at night and the pop-outs moved.

Matt and Poppet watching the sunrise, yep I said sunrise. Havoc woke us all up about 6am. He wasn't sure about camping but I think he'll get better at it once he gets comfortable. BTW, Kitty took this picture, when I was downloading the pictures I was surprised to see that there were 65 of them. She had quite a good time. I bet there was 15 of her tummy, face or legs and at least as many of the gravel. She did get a few good ones.

It was a really good time! We're excited to do it again soon.

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