Wednesday, June 29, 2011

4 Years Old and Full of Fun

Kitty turned 4 today. It's been a long wonderful 4 years. She has definitely proven to be a challenging, sweet, fiercely independent little girl. She has come so far from the tiny baby she arrived as. Lets take trip down memory lane...

She was all arms and legs as an infant.

Here she is around a month and a half. Much more alert happiest when she was all swaddled up!

1st Birthday, a month after getting the ng-tube. She ate some of her birthday cake and started crawling shortly thereafter. Proof that chocolate can cure anything!

2nd Birthday, by this point she had her g-tube in and was living large! She did sooo much growing that year. Even her hair started to grow, slowly but surely!

3rd Birthday, see, hair! Isn't she pretty? She always had a personality but it really started to shine that year. We practiced potty training and eating in the 3rd year.

4th Birthday, so grown up and beautiful.

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