Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kate First Day of Pre-school

Today was Kitty's first day of pre-school. She was so excited, she's been waiting for it to come for months and I think she really enjoyed it. She is in the same room that Poppy was last year so she knew some of the kids and one of her friends from day care is there too. Since Poppy's school doesn't start till tomorrow he got to come along and spend part of the day in his new room, the Blue Room, where the big kids are. It's the place to be cause they have "real lego's". When we picked them up they both gave us a run down of the day and it sounded like her first day was a success.

Standing outside the house.

Showing off her new backpack, it's so tiny but it fits her great and she's proud of it. I have no idea what kind of pose Poppy was striking ;-)

Heading to school. If you notice she kept her backpack on, even in the car. Too excited to take it off.

Kitty carrying in her plant.

Poppy's new big kid room at preschool. He'll be there every day after school until pick them up time.

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