Friday, August 19, 2011

Poppet goes to Kindergarten

So my baby went to Kindergarten on Thursday. Wow, that was a hard sentence to write. What I'm realizing is that he's not my baby anymore. When I wasn't looking he grew up but I have to say I'm in awe of him. He's so smart and funny. We went to the dr on Tuesday for the kids school physicals and our Dr. always reminds him that he was tiny when she delivered him but this time he beat her too it saying "I know, I know, you were there when I got borned, and I was a lot smaller". She just laughed. He's in the 95% for height and 85% for weight, she says he's perfect. I know I'm bias but I agree!

Here's my big guy, ready to go. He was actually dressed by the time I got home from the gym. That never happens, usually I have to threaten to hide his DS in order to get him moving.

Letting his sister join (in her new Lighting McQueen t-shirt her daddy got her), the reason he's standing like that is cause that's how Mario stands. He's currently obsessed with anything Mario Bro's, as you can maybe tell by his first day of school t-shirt.

Running ahead with his sister trying to keep up. Doesn't take long to get to school, it's just up the block.

This picture is blurry but his face was clearly saying "Hurry up"

Standing by his table. His teacher seems very nice, it's her first year teaching. His room is really big and full of all sorts of fun things. There's a kitchen set and he thought it was great that there was fake sushi to serve. He has a folder that he'll bring home everyday, one side is for notices and the other is for homework. He got an award for having a great first day so that's a good sign. He enjoyed lunch the best and describe everything he ate. I'm just glad he got to eat cause I wrote a check to the school for his meal account but when I checked his account online was still at -0- so at 11:10am I was trying frantically to call the school to make sure he'd get food, I ended up just putting more money into his account just in case. If that child would not have been able to eat I would have NEVER heard the end of it. He'd be telling his children about the time Granny Molly didn't feed him. The kid takes food seriously.

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