Monday, September 26, 2011

Poppy Turns 6!

So Poppet enjoyed his yearly 4 day birthday celebration. It started on Friday with dinner at McD's. Saturday he opened gifts from us and his grandparents via skype followed by the grand finale on Sunday, a huge blow out with his friends in the backyard. The child got everything he wanted and more and was so excited to have many of his friends over to play.

Playing in the tree fort. The kids really enjoyed it!

Enjoying the slide.

The whole gang lined up for cake and ice cream.

Waiting for me to get the candles lit, in my defense, it was really windy. Once I finally got them lit we all sang and he blew all out by 2. I told him that it meant that he'd have 2 girlfriends this year. He said he was fine with it (I'm not, however. See previous post about potential girlfriends)

Opening presents, his buddy making sure that his lap was never empty

More presents, he loved all his gifts.

Covered in frosting. Just makes him extra sweet, I love that boy!

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